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In the dynamic realms of shipping and offshore operations, your safety is non-negotiable. That's why medical examinations are not just encouraged but mandatory for all employees who work at sea or offshore. At OmniHealth, we take this commitment seriously, serving as your vital partner in prioritizing your health and well-being. Our expertly conducted medical assessments strictly adhere to the latest international standards, catering to both maritime and offshore industries. Your safety is our priority, and at OmniHealth, we ensure you stay in top form for the challenges ahead.

Commitment, Quality, Reliability


We conduct a variety of maritime examinations following ILO/IMO guidelines, encompassing Dutch, Norwegian, and flag state examinations. For inland shipping examinations, we're at your service.

Moreover, we specialize in providing customized medical examinations for cruise ships, serving distinguished names such as HAL, Disney, and Princess.

Notably, we are the exclusive accredited partner of the UK/PI club in the Netherlands.

Commitment, quality, reliability. That is what we stand for.


We provide medical assessments following globally recognized standards. Every OmniHealth doctor is registered with NOGEPA, authorized to validate your safety logbook.

Additionally, we're certified to issue health certificates for Norway (Helseerklæring) and the UK (OGUK/OEUK).

Your health and safety, backed by our credentials.


We understand that the thrill of working and living abroad comes with its own set of challenges. That's where we step in to make sure you and your family not only embrace the excitement but also stay in peak health throughout your assignment.

Our services include comprehensive pre-assignment medical check-ups, focusing on preventive health measures. We tailor these services to meet your company's specific requirements, ensuring a seamless and healthy experience before, during, and after your time abroad.

Your well-being is our priority in every step of your journey.

"OmniHealth conducts examinations in accordance with NOGEPA, Norwegian and OGUK guidelines. Here, the doctor is punctual and treats patients with respect"

Marvan Bahand

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