Sven J. Daam, arts

I thrive on pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations. My journey began as a physician with the Royal Dutch Navy, where six years of navigating dynamic and at times challenging environments shaped my ability to be flexible and adaptable.

"Going the extra mile" isn't just a phrase—it's my approach to success. This mindset forms the basis of my exciting collaborations with major players in the Oil and Gas Industry. Together, we redefine healthcare solutions, providing top-notch service wherever and whenever it's needed.

I firmly believe in forging your own opportunities. My ability to see beyond perceived obstacles has propelled me to where I stand today. Let's keep creating possibilities and embracing the unexpected.


Mariëlle van de Ven, office assistant

Mariëlle brings a wealth of experience and proficiency to the table as an outstanding office assistant, demonstrating a deep understanding of the maritime and offshore sectors. Her expertise goes beyond the basics, showcasing her versatility and capabilities as a true multitasker.

Her enthusiasm and commitment to excellence shine through in every task she undertakes. Mariëlle isn't just good at what she does; she's a dynamic professional capable of seamlessly adapting to the demands of the ever-evolving maritime and offshore landscape.

With Mariëlle on board, OmniHealth is be able to provide tailored solutions that align perfectly with your specific requirements.