We specialize in diverse medical exams tailored for individuals in maritime, offshore, and expatriate roles. Our services include customized health evaluations to meet the specific needs of those in maritime and offshore activities, as well as those living and working abroad.

And that's not all – we also offer vaccinations. Because, at the core of our commitment, is ensuring the health and well-being of individuals in the maritime, offshore, and expatriate sectors. We've got your health covered, so you can tackle your endeavors with confidence.

Your health and safety, backed by our credentials.


  • All maritime examinations covered by ILO/IMO guidelines, such as Dutch, Norwegian and Panamanian maritime examinations.
  • Inland navigation examinations
  • Tailor made medical examinations for cruise ships, such as HAL, Disney & Princess
  • Partner of UK/PI club


We carry out inspections according to internationally accepted standards. We are registered with NOGEPA and authorised to sign off your safety logbook. We are also certified to issue certificates for Norway (Helseerklæring) and the UK (OGUK/OEUK)


We are fully aware that working and living abroad is exciting, but can be challenging as well.

We are here to ensure you and your family stay healthy before, during and after you assigment.  We carry out all sort of pre-assigment medicals, all according to the specification of your company.